Bioenergy Studies 2022, Vol 2, Num, 1     (Pages: 007-017)

Promising resources for bioenergy: shrub willows of Turkey

Pelin Acar 1 ,Ece Gökok 2

1 National Botanical Garden of Turkey, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 06800, Ankara, Turkey DOI : 10.51606/bes.2021.7 Viewed : 1282 - Downloaded : 614 Salix L. species are economically excellent candidates for sustainable bioenergy production. Especially, shrubs of Salix L. are used in agroforestry for their characteristics of quick growth, wide distribution and resistance to disease and stress. The shrubs of subgenera Salix and Vetrix under Salix L. commonly found in riparian or wetland habitats of Turkey have great potential as bioenergy crops with high biomass yield. This review study will provide information to determine the potential of willows species native to Turkey for bioenergy and to contribute to energy production by using the biomass of fast-growing shrub willows as renewable energy resources. Firstly, botanical description, habitat, growth, traditional breeding efforts and genetic composition were summarized concerning about the bioenergy potential of willows from results of existing studies. Secondly, the titles, establishing willow plantations, biomass reducing the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change and development of willow as bioenergy crop in worldwide and Turkey were reviewed. Lastly, the future of bioenergy potential estimation of willows was proposed to provide some instructions for bioenergy development in Turkey. Keywords : Willows Salix L. Bioenergy Turkey review