Bioenergy Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 025-035)

Effects of Biomass Energy on Recycling from a Sustainability Perspective

Fatma Nur Doğar 1 ,Fatma Didem Tunçez 1

1 KTO Karatay University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Energy Management, Konya, Karatay, Turkey DOI : 10.51606/bes.2021.4 Viewed : 1324 - Downloaded : 624 The need for energy is increasing in parallel with the population and industrialization, which are increasing rapidly year by year in the world. Fossil based fuels have a larger share compared to other energy sources with a ratio of approximately 60% in the use of primary energy sources. Biomass, which has become an important source in terms of energy efficiency and solutions to environmental problems, stands out among the resources with the most suitable potential to be evaluated. From a sustainability perspective, biomass energy meets approximately 6.4% of total global energy demand economically and plays an important role with waste management policies to mitigate climate change environmentally. Organic waste and paper account for 65% of the global waste amount, which can be used to generate energy. In this study, the importance of biomass energy in the energy sector and its impact on the fight against climate change which has both in terms of its potential and in terms of solving environmental problems, has been investigated in the focus of reducing dependence on fossil resources. Keywords : Fossil Fuels Renewable Energy Sources Biomass Climate Change Zero Waste