Bioenergy Studies 2021, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 007-013)

Hydrogen Production from Agricultural Waste Using Bentonite-Supported Catalyst

Elif Ece Çağlı 1 ,Nezihe Ayas 1

1 Eskisehir Technical University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Chemical Engineering, 2 Eylul Campus, 26555 Eskisehir, Turkey DOI : 10.51606/bes.2021.2 Viewed : 1328 - Downloaded : 703 Agricultural wastes have a high commercial potential for being utilized as a raw material to generate energy and they are proposed as an alternative energy source for fossil-based fuels. In this study, the biomass mixture (the mixture of sunflower seed pulp, tea, and tobacco waste) was gasified using Ni-based bentonite supported catalysts. The catalysts were synthesized via the impregnation method by loading different amounts (10 and 20 wt%) Ni over bentonite then analyzed by XRF, XRD, and FT-IR. The biomass gasification was performed by using an updraft gasifier with a constant biomass/catalyst ratio (5/1) in the presence of air atmosphere as a gasification agent, at 650℃ and for 15 min. The highest hydrogen yield was obtained as 5.31 mol/kg biomass at 650℃, for 15 min by using 20 wt% of Ni/Bentonite. Keywords : Biomass Catalyst Gasification Hydrogen